WINTER at Philadelphia Zoo


We're forecasting frozen fun June 17th through August 20th. 

WINTER: Exclusively at Philadelphia Zoo is a 9-week experience that enables guest to frolic and enjoy a frozen winter wonderland—right in the middle of summer. Just when they think it’s too hot to go outside guests can head over to Philadelphia Zoo for some frozen fun and experience a magical snow destination.

Guests will tube down Snow Leopard Slope, a 120-foot-long, 20-foot-high, snow-covered incline; make snow angels or throw a snowball or two in Snow Zone, a free-play area for all ages or head into Polar Bear Pavilion designed specifically for little snow tots.

They will also learn about the connection between animals and snow, add in surprising photo opportunities, an adult-and-kid-refreshment stop at Cozy Café, and guests will be at the ‘coolest’ spot in Philly this summer. 

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