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Make Change to Save Wildlife

Philadelphia Zoo is working with conservation partners around the world to save animals and habitats. Our Make Change to Save Wildlife campaign has raised thousands of dollars for critically endangered species such as the golden lion tamarin in Brazilian rainforests, the Azuay stubfoot toad thought to be extinct, and the Rodrigues fruit bat which has made a remarkable conservation comeback. Although our conservation efforts have yielded success stories over the past several decades, wildlife continues to be threatened by unprecedented challenges. Recently, more than 1 billion animals lost their lives in the bushfires in Australia. Philadelphia Zoo is committed to assisting with this urgent wildlife emergency and will be channeling all funds raised through the Make Change to Save Wildlife campaign to help animals and habitats in the hardest hit regions of Australia. 

Saving Australian animals:

As with any emergency, the hardest work is yet to come. In the weeks and months ahead, rescued wildlife will need extended veterinary care and rescue teams will need to continue searching for surviving animals emerging in search of food. Philadelphia Zoo’s Make Change to Save Wildlife campaign will focus on funding the Bushfire Wildlife Emergency Fund to help sustain support beyond this initial crisis period and provide the intensive and ongoing care that is required for the bushfire victims.

Philadelphia Zoo will match Make Change to Save Wildlife funds raised dollar for dollar (up to $20,000). All funds will be donated to assist emergency veterinary care for wildlife that have been rescued as well as interventions to help the animals that have survived in the wild.

The people and animals whose lives are at stake need all the help and support we can give them. Thank you in advance for contributing to this devastating environmental emergency.