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Adopt a Giant otter

Adopt Me!
By adopting a giant otter, you share your love for animals by helping ours receive the best possible care. With over 2,500 mouths to feed, the Zoo’s annual grocery bill is over $500,000—your adopt purchase helps us buy monkey chow, trout, honey, mealworms, and much more!

With a gift of $50* you will receive: 
 • An email with a personalized certificate of ADOPTion and species fact sheet.
*The $50 package is only available online. It will only be fulfilled electronically. 

 With a gift of $75 you will receive:
 • A personalized certificate of ADOPTion, a species fact sheet, and one adorable 6-inch plushie mailed to you or the recipient of your gift.

Please note that the certificate and fact sheet will be delivered to the recipient via e-mail immediately upon purchase. Fulfillment of the plushie will occur within 7-10 business days.